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Your business, nonprofit organization, or community event can help to support COPPeR by becoming an advertising partner. Our advertising program is open to everyone, but is specifically targeted toward nonprofit arts & cultural organizations, community-focused arts providers (such as commercial galleries, dance studios, coffee shops, bookstores, etc.) and other enterprises that serve the creative sector or tourism industry in the Pikes Peak region. We have several advertising options to choose from. Click here for a 1 page overview of advertising opportunities or see below. Display Advertising

Display advertising on is a great way to get your message out to thousands of visitors who regularly use our community’s premier calendar of events.

  • We have four rectangular display ad spaces on the right side of our website that are available for purchase at the cost of $150/week. All right column display ads are 300×150 pixels at 72 dpi; JPEG, GIF, Animated-GIF and PNG files accepted. We can design your ad, if needed, for an additional $50.
  • We also have category banner ads that run at the top of each event category on the website, and are available at the cost of $450/month, or the discounted price of $5,000/year. All banner ads are 600×100 pixels at 72 dpi; JPEG, GIF, Animated-GIF and PNG files accepted. We can design your ad, if needed, for an additional $50.

In both cases, the ads may link directly to your own website, or to a listing on Additional discounts may be available for longer term advertising contracts. We also have the ability to sell and install a special “widget” that will enable to be imbedded within your organization’s website. For more information, including recent user metrics, please email


Weekly Peak Radar Picks E-Blast Advertising

Every Wednesday, COPPeR sends out our Peak Radar Picks email, which highlights about 8-10 cultural events and activities taking place regionally during the coming week. This weekly e-blast is sent to about 12,000 in-boxes here in Pikes Peak region and across the country.

  • We have space for two rectangular e-blast ads that present at the top of our weekly email and are available for purchase at the cost of $150/week.All e-blast ads are 300×150 pixels at 72 dpi; JPEG, GIF, Animated-GIF and PNG files accepted. We can design your ad, if needed, for an additional $50.
  • Local presenting organizations are invited to offer complimentary tickets as a way to promote their upcoming events. Typically, there are no more than two ticket giveaways per week. There is no cost to participate in the ticket give away program, and COPPeR provides the administration.

For more information about e-blast advertising, please email For more information about ticket giveaways, please email


Peak Radar Pages Display Advertising

Every spring, COPPeR produces an update to the Peak Radar Pages, a hard-copy publication that lists contact information for over 300 local arts & cultural organizations throughout the Pikes Peak Region. This year, we printed 5,000 copies of the Pages, which are available at no cost from the COPPeR offices, are distributed wide at special events, from area hotels, and from tourism offices across El Paso and Teller Counties. Full color display ads are available in a variety of sizes, including premium locations on the outside back cover and inside front and back covers. For advertising pricing and specs, click here.

In addition to the Pages, COPPeR also produces other Peak Radar Guides each year, including the Guide to Free Outdoor Summer Concerts and the Guide to Galleries in the Pikes Peak region. Ad space is available but limited in each. Contact to learn more.


Other Advertising/Sponsorship Opportunities

In addition to advertising revenue, COPPeR depends on the generosity of individuals and businesses from our community to help sponsor specific initiatives, like our annual Business & Arts Lunch, rotating art exhibitions in our office space, and the periodic Arts & Economic Prosperity studies that we conduct. Sponsorship opportunities are available at a variety of investment levels, and can be easlity customized to suit your particular needs and/or resources. To learn more about these special sponsorship opportunities, please email