Arts Advocacy

Advocacy on behalf of the creative sector here in the Pikes Peak region is one of COPPeR’s primary duties. Whether we’re talking to local stakeholders in an informal setting, or making a formal presentation to elected officials or local business leaders, it’s always important to make a strong case for the importance of arts & culture in our community. Thanks to the most recent Arts & Economic Prosperity study (AEP4) from 2012, we all have access to impressive statistics that can be used to help make our case for the economic impact of our sector. The next study (AEP5) will begin data collection in 2016 and report results in late spring of 2017.

COPPeR works regularly with Colorado Springs-based Citizens Project to include questions about arts & culture in their candidate questionnaires at the local and state levels. This effort will help to keep the creative sector on the minds of those running for elected office, and will provide a starting point for future conversations about the important role that arts & culture play in “quality of life” for area residents and in the growth and sustainability of our regional economy.

Thanks to a close working relationship with Leadership Pikes Peak (LPP), COPPeR has an ongoing opportunity to speak about the importance of arts & culture to students in the LPP Signature Program, the Leadership NOW! Program (a young professionals leadership program), the Leadership Encore Program (a leadership program for seniors), the Women’s Community Leadership Initiative, and the Experience the Springs Program.

We are also available to speak to area business and community groups (like Rotary, the Regional Business Alliance, Ft. Carson Military Spouses, Latino Luncheon, etc.) to articulate COPPeR’s mission and programming initiatives in the Pikes Peak region, and to communicate the value of arts and creativity as essential elements of a vibrant and sustainable economic climate. For more information, please email or call 719-634-2204.

Help us to advocate:

Below are two documents to help you advocate for arts and culture. Sharing information even with just a neighbor, helps to ensure a strong creative community for years to come.

  A Competitive Edge: Why do arts matter in Colorado Springs

  Colorado Springs: About City Cultural Services


We also recommend these sites with great information that will help you to be an effective arts advocate:

At the state level:

At the national level:

  How Art Saved My Life by Tony Babin