AIR Shift Workshop

As part of its ongoing effort to provide meaningful professional development opportunities for area creatives, COPPeR was pleased to collaborate with the Arts Incubator of the Rockies (AIR) to present the community’s first AIR Shift Workshop in the Fall of 2014. Click here for photos. Our next AIR Shift Workshop is expected to be held in January 2016. More details to come.

AIR’s innovative curriculum was developed in cooperation with State Arts Agencies and other key stakeholders throughout the inter-mountain West, and teaches new ways for art and business to connect through innovation and collaboration.This isn’t just another workshop. Unlike other professional development programs, the AIR Shift Workshop is a transformative experience. It’s totally unique in bringing together emerging and professional creatives with business professionals for a sustained, collaborative learning experience. The Shift Workshop is an entry point into a community of exchange, support and development fueled by cutting-edge online resources and a powerful curriculum. The workshops change people that attend in a way that is true and lasting. For more information about AIR, please visit


Disaster Preparedness, Recovery and Response

“Emergencies are not always what you expect. That is why they’re called emergencies.”

Our community has recently experienced our fair share of emergencies, both natural and man made. Learn how, as an artist or arts organization, to ease the recovery process following a disaster, as well as how to prepare yourself for these unexpected crises in the future.

Check out our emergency resource packet, as well as a review of the bootcamp and a sample crisis communications plan (courtesy of the Colorado Springs Convention and Visitor’s Bureau).


Sell Your Art

The circuit of summertime arts festivals provides a great way for visual artists to sell work to a new group of buyers. Locally, both the Pikes Peak Arts Fest and Commonwheel’s Labor Day Arts & Crafts Festival serve hundreds of artists with weekend long events. There are some tricks to the trade, though, and a panel of festival directors and artists will walk you through some of the “how-to’s” to find the right festival, make the application process easier, set up and market your booth, and turn the festival weekend into an opportunity for big sales.


Trademarks and You

Whether you are a business or an individual, if you sell goods and services, then you have a brand. Join Brenda Speer and Danette Lilja with BL Speer & Associates to learn more about trademarks and how to use them to protect your brand.